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Natural Melon Flavoring - 128 oz
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Natural Melon Flavoring - 128 oz

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Natural Melon Flavoring Extract - 128 oz.

Add a tropical twist to your next batch with this Natural Melon Flavoring.  This gallon of flavoring is great for flavoring larger batches of beer or wine, and it's generous shelf life ensures that you can be flavoring many batches to come!

Directions for use:

Start with adding 1 oz of flavoring per 1 gallon of your beer or wine. From there you may add until you are happy with the taste.
-If you are bottling, add to the wort when you add the priming sugar.
-If you are kegging, add when the beer is poured into the keg.
-If you are using with wine, add to bottle-ready wine in the fermenter about 1 week before it will be bottled. Make sure to stir gently.

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