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Winexpert 2020 New Kit Transition & Detail:

Here are the new Winexpert kits now available:
  • Classic (Good) – previously Vintners Reserve and World Vineyard
  • Reserve (Better) – previously Selection
  • Private Reserve (Best) – previously Eclipse
  • Island Mist remains the same but with improved quality and a new package design
Here is a reference sheet comparing the old types versus the new. There are substitute recommendations for kits that have gone away.

There have been some kit reductions as the total number of kits available was too large and there were many duplications. Fewer kit offerings results in fresher kits. There will be a few select kits that will come back year-round that will be produced just for the U.S. market.

There have been five new kit additions with the transition:
Limited Release kits will continue in the new format and brand. You may see one of your favorites that was part of the reduction come back as a Limited Release.

How the new Winexpert kits are better than ever:
The wine kit juice mix consists of two parts, fresh grape juice and concentrated grape juice. The kits are now made with the concentrate portion much more concentrated at a higher brix/sugar content level.

More dense concentrate makes the kits able to be smaller and lighter. This provides a benefit to shipping costs, ease of handling, and creates a better environmental footprint.

Quality was enhanced as the higher concentration allows for reduced pasteurization time (heat exposure to remove impurities in the juice). This results in better fruit preservation improving aroma, flavor, and color.

Winexpert winemakers also took the opportunity of the total revamp of the kits to create new formulations for many of the kits to make them the best they can be.

Finished volume has not changed with the reduced size of the kits. They still make the same volume of 23 liters or 6 U.S. gallons. Smaller kit - same amount of finished product – improved kit quality due to technology improvements.

There is a lot to be excited about. The Winexpert transformation is designed to make it a better product and is designed to take the kits into the future.