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No-Drip Wine Tip
No-Drip Wine Tip

No-Drip Wine Tip

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Pour wine drip-free!
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Introducing the ""No Drip Wine Tip,"" your ideal wine accessory designed to prevent spills while pouring wine!

We love drinking wine and enjoying a glass or two with our friends and family.  How often have you found the common problem of not being able to get that perfect pour.

No matter how often you twist the bottle or used wine spouts, there was always a pesky drop of wine that manages to dive to the table... staining the cloth or leaving undesirable red spots on glass.

This is a simple and re-usable solution that anyone can use!  The idea behind this nozzle is that the groove located on the top of the nozzle destroys the adhesion of the liquid to the bottle.

The No Drip Wine Tip fits on top of almost any wine bottle and keeps the wine flowing without worry of spillage.

Made of food-grade plastic, reusable and is dishwasher safe!

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