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PICO Keg/Keggle False Bottom Assembly

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Stainless Steel with Supports
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PICO Keg/Keggle False Bottom Assembly

PICO Keg False Bottom has our unique 16% open design.  Our PICO Keg/Keggle False Bottom lends itself to better efficiency and a clearer sparge.
The 2 halves fit snugly into the keg preventing grain leakage while resting on 2.25" tall supports above the port. This allows you to mash in a keg kettle without scorching grains. Diameter is 15-3/8" which matches the inside diameter of the 1/2 barrels. 
This is the most efficient false bottom we have ever seen or used.

These PICO False Bottoms should not be used with a pump discharge barb of over 3/8". Using large 1/2" barbs will create too much suction on the false bottom and can cause the stands to bend. We only recommend 3/8" tubing and barbs down stream of your Mash Tun.

For proper installation, place the false bottom on top of the supports with the bent pieces facing up.

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