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Persica Peach Mead
Persica Peach Mead

Persica Peach Mead

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Adventures in Homebrewing Persica Peach Mead Kit

This kit will make 5 gallons of Fruit based mead/melomel.

What's Included:
6 Pounds of Peach Puree
9 Pounds of Honey

Pre-Measured Amounts of the Following:
Acid Blend
Yeast Nutrient
Pectic Enzyme
Potassium Sorbate

Easy to Follow Instructions

Yeast sold separately.

*Honey will not ship in Glass Containers, Honey is shipped in Plastic Containers

Mead Knowledge :

The origins of mead can be traced back to the African bush.  More than 20,000 years ago, feral bees were well established.  This is a time when elephants roamed the continent and there was not a Home Brew shop in sight.  Weather patterns were seasonal.  Africa experienced extreme conditions of drought during the dry season, and torrential rains in the rainy season. This weather pattern would eventually cause hollows to rot out the crown of the Baobab and Miombo trees.  During the dry season, the bees would nest in these hollows, and during the wet season the hollows would fill with water. Water, honey, wild yeast, and time led to a fermented "mead".  Early African bushmen and tribes gathered not only honey and water, but also some sweet homebrewed mead.  As successive waves of people left Africa they took with them some knowledge of mead and mead making.  The first home brewers, off on their Adventure.
View The Persica Peach Mead Instructions here.

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