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PicoBrew Zymatic (Keg Included)

PicoBrew Zymatic (Keg Included)

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The PicoBrew Zymatic® Machine

The PicoBrew Zymatic is the first fully automatic, all grain beer brewing appliance. The PicoBrew system comes with software that offers you 100+ recipes and connects you to the PicoBrew community so you can share your favorite recipes. The software will also allow you to create and save your favorite recipes. Just load up your ingredients in the PicoBrew fill your keg with your brewing water and with a push of a button the PicoBrew takes care of everything else. With the ease of use you will be able to repeat a beer recipe with consistent results. 

This Picobrew system comes with a keg that has been modified to ensure easy and clean fermenting.

Perks of the PicoBrew System:
  • Brews a 2.5 gallon batch in about 4 hours
  • Recipe library with over 40 award-winning recipes (New recipes are being added to the library everyday)
  • Predictive Recipe Crafter tool for custom recipe creation
  • Connects to service via WiFi or Ethernet
  • Supports all-grain and mini-mash brewing
  • Brews up to 1.090 gravity beers without adjuncts
  • Supports 4 different timed hops additions
Technical Specs:
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 20.5"x14.5"x17"
  • Weight: 50 lbs
  • 9lb capacity grain compartment
  • 4 hop cages with capacity of 1.5oz each
  • 802.11 b/g WiFi + Ethernet
  • Web-browser based software
  • Arduino-based firmware environment
  • USB connection to PC required for firmware updates
  • 1500W heating element
  • Power connection: 120V/15amp
Comes with a 1 year manufacturer limited warranty.

Please note this product is drop shipped from the manufacturer and a slight delay in tracking of the shipment is to be expected.
5 Stars
Not too demanding and great if time is an issue
Brew days aren't too much of an issue with the Zymatic. I can set it and forget it. If you'rr hurting for time and can't be all hands on and involved with traditional process this is the way to go. The customer service itself is worth it. I am very pleased and happy with my Zymatic.
Reviewed by:  on 12/26/2016
5 Stars
First AIH had the best price, free shipping and lots of rewards points to use on a future order. Love the PicoBrew! So simple to make a batch and you don't have to babysit a boiling pot. After you turn it on, you can go do other things for a few hours, doesn't tie up your whole day. Makes great beer too.
Reviewed by:  on 11/9/2015
5 Stars
Awesome system
The PicoBrew Zymatic system is an all-grain brewing system that is computer-based and automated to produce 2.5 gallon batches with a minimum of baby sitting the process and easy cleanup. Features that are notable: - It is connected online to the PicoBrew website, where your recipes and brewing/fermentation schedule are stored. You need a wireless or ethernet connection to the internet so it can download your recipes into memory. A cool feature of the internet connection is the ability to monitor every aspect of a brewing session, including stages of the brew, wort temperature, and other parameters. - It is an all grain system. You craft recipes using your skill as a brewer, using the PicoBrew Recipe Crafter app with a browser. Every aspect of the brew is controllable by you, the brewer. Hop additions and boil times, adjuncts, mash schedules and temperatures, etc. Every variable you can control in your kitchen, you can program into the Zymatic brewing process. - Relatively hands-off, and easy to clean. While there are certain things that still require your attention (adding Irish Moss, or sugar additions to the keg at the right time), much of this is automated. You can actually plan some other activity to do while you're brewing. And cleanup is easy: dump the grain bin, rinse it and the hop cages out, then put the grain bin or "step filter" into the dishwasher. Run a couple rinse cycles or a deep clean cycle on the machine, and put it away. Easy. - It brews excellent beer. No problem with high gravity beers (maximum grain bin capacity is 9 lbs), and even produces washes if that is your beverage of choice. Justifying the cost based on a return on investment of ingredient costs, etc. is difficult. I had to think about what it added to my quality of life. I haven't brewed all grain batches in a long time- it just took too much time on precious weekends to prep, clean, sanitize, brew and cleanup. With this system I'm brewing every other weekend now, and fitting it in with all the other things I have to do on a Saturday or Sunday. I'm back to brewing and drinking excellent beer, made the way I like it. That's the way to think about it. I'm glad I have one of these.
Reviewed by:  on 6/22/2015

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