1. Pilsner Malt - Pilot House Malt 1 lb

Pilsner Malt - Pilot House Malt 1 lb

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Pilot Malt House Pilsner 1 lb

Can be utilized as a base malt for many beer styles. Very light straw color. Sweet, clean, crisp, delicate malty favor.

Grown by Hop Ridge Farms in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Anaylsis MethodTypical Result
Barley CultivarConlon
Kernels Through 7/6490%
Kernels Through 5/64<2%
Moisture 4.3%
Extract: Fine Ground80%
Extract: Coarse Ground78%
Extract FG/CG Difference 2%
Protein (by weight) 11.5%
S/T 38
Alpha Amylase45
Diastatic Power (Lintner) 140
Color 1.3 Lovibond

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