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Pot Still Alembic Condenser (Still Spirits)

Pot Still Alembic Condenser (Still Spirits)

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Still Spirits announces their new Alchemist Series:
Pot Still Alembic Condenser
The Pot Still Alembic Condenser is best used with the T500 Boiler and the Pot Still Alembic Dome Top. You can use this with the T500 Boiler without the Pot Still Alembic Dome  This unit fits on to the lid of the T500 Boiler. This condenser is what differentiates this still from the T500. It is what retains the flavor rather than stripping it out by re-fluxing. 
Instead of stripping flavors to give clean a spirit, this can be used when distilling washes that contain flavors that you wish to collect.
This comes with a thermometer, tubing and tap adapter set.

5 Stars
Easy to Use, Great Spirit
I love this new pot still. I used this in conjunction with the Copper Dome Top and it was a perfect fit for my T500 boiler. I had been looking for this solution and it's ideal. This Pot Condenser preserves better flavor from my corn mash, which the Reflux head strips away in favor of higher alcohol content. My first run started about 66% and ran until 15% when I stopped it. The hearts taste great which is not something I can say about the reflux spirits, they are very neutral. This unit uses a lot more water, but I think you could use a large bucket of water with ice in it and recirculate it.
Reviewed by:  on 1/27/2015

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