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Potassium Sorbate 1lb
Potassium Sorbate 1lb

Potassium Sorbate 1lb

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Potassium Sorbate 1 lb. Bag

Stable salt of sorbic acid derived from the berries of the mountain ash tree. Prevents renewed fermentation in sweet wines and inhibits reproduction of mould and yeast. Do not add until all fermentation is finished and the wine is clear and stable. Dissolve 0.5 teaspoons of Sorbate per gallon of wine (2.5 teaspoons in 5 gallons), in cool water and then stir in thoroughly. Must not be added until all fermentation has ceased. Sorbate present during malolactic fermentation will be converted to hexanedienol (geraniol), a compound with the strong odor of geraniums.

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