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Pre-Chiller (16.6 feet)

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Pre-Chiller (16.6 feet)

Increase the efficiency of your wort chiller and help combat warm ground water. This pre-chiller is used by [placing it into a 5 gallon bucket, and then filling that bucket with ice water. The pre-chiller will drastically lower the water entering your wort chiller, speeding up the chilling process. Pre-chiller comes with both a female garden hose fitting on the inlet side and male garden hose fitting for the outlet side that will connect to a wort chiller or plate chiller.

Handy Tip: Save your ice! When using with an immersion chiller, allow the chiller to run for several minutes to lower the wort temperature before placing ice in pre-chiller. This will stop your ice from melting too quickly.

*Please Note: The Pre-Chiller is not a substitute for a wort chiller. It is intended as an addition to improve your chiller's performance, a wort chiller is still required.

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