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Pressure Kit for FermZilla (Stainless Steel)
Pressure Kit for FermZilla (Stainless Steel)

Pressure Kit for FermZilla (Stainless Steel)

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Ferment, carb and serve in the FermZilla
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Pressure Kit for FermZilla (Stainless Steel)

The FermZilla Pressure Kit allows you to unlock the FermZilla's true potential! This will enable you to ferment under pressure, carbonate, and serve without ever needing to move beer out of the fermenter. The kit includes two stainless female threaded ball lock fittings with barbs, which you place in the existing openings on top of the FermZilla's lid. A silicone dip tube with a stainless steel float serves as the beverage out.  This allows only the clearest beer from top of the tank to be dispensed. The Pressure Kit will turn the FermZilla into a true unitank!

The silicone dip tube is 31" long. It will work perfectly as is for the 55L FermZilla. For the 27L model we recommend cutting the dip tube shorter to remove unwanted slack.

Key Features:  Ferment beer under pressure to reduce ester and fusel alcohol production, always draw clear beer with the floating dip tube, keg beer that has already been carbonated, use CO2 to push beer into a keg or through a filter into a keg, eliminate kegging altogether by carbonating and serving directly from the FermZilla

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