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QuickCarb by Blichmann

QuickCarb by Blichmann

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QuickCarb by Blichmann

A revolutionary simple new way to carbonate a 5 gal keg of beer in less than an hour! This patent pending product uses a simple circulating pump and a unique stainless steel diffusion stone to carbonate your beer precisely and quickly. And with no chance of accidentally over carbonating your beer!
  • 90% carbonated and ready to drink in less than an hour with no risk of over carbonation! Let it sit for a day for dialing in that final few percent.
  • Quiet and dependable operation
  • Great for all beer styles!
  • All stainless diffusion stone and QuickConnector fittings makes cleaning a breeze
  • 10 micron stainless diffusion stone is durable and is porous enough to penetrate with sanitizer. No need to be boiled and handled with gloves.
  • Circulating pump is gentle and is powered with an included simple DC transformer
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Simply add an optional oxygen regulator and you'll be able to use the components to oxygenate your wort before pitching your yeast!
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4 Stars
Awesome after some work
This product is AWESOME. I own a small winery and I use it to carbonate wine in corny kegs before bottling them with counter pressure fillers. I am able to achieve 4vol. in the wine after just one hour bubbling at 30psi. HOWEVER each one of these (I own 3) has had to have all the clamps replaced because the factory clamps fail and wine shoots out everywhere. Also, this really needs a shut off valve between the gas line and the carb stone to make cleanup easier and prevent wine from traveling up to the co2 tank.
Reviewed by:  on 8/24/2017
5 Stars
Works great
Easy to carbonate a 5 Gallon keg in an hour. Smooth operation and easy to set up.
Reviewed by:  on 3/28/2017
4 Stars
Good product, vague instructions
The QuickCarb is a good product, but the instructions are vague. For example, the instructions tell you to turn it on, but you will search in vain for an off/on switch. Finally you realize that you turn it off and on by disconnecting the cord. Then when it starts pumping it couldn't pull the star-san solution over the keg lip unless I took the pump off the keg and held it lower -- made me wonder if I was doing something wrong or was risking burning out the pump by running it dry. Once I flooded the pump head all went well. The video was helpful, but still didn't show these issues well. And like a previous reviewer, I found I had to make adjustments to the pressure chart, perhaps because I live at 5100 feet, or perhaps not.
Reviewed by:  on 2/17/2017
4 Stars
5-6psi above chart
The quick carb comes with a chart for slow carbonating beer. It tells you to add 1-2 psi for the Blichmann to do its job. 1-2 psi above was way undercarbonated, even after waiting more than a day. So we cranked it up another 2 psi, got better but still not right. Finally 5-6psi was the sweet spot. It works great but we wasted a lot of time figuring that out. I mean the whole idea of the quick carb to to have your beer ready sooner right?
Reviewed by:  on 12/13/2016
5 Stars
This thing is AWESOME!
Purchased this about a month ago and have used it to carbonate 3 batches of beer. 2 I did after cold crashing and the last I did at room temp. The carbonation level is very uniform and I have not over-carbonated or under-carbonated my beer. Used on a stout and IPA no oxidation or loss of hop aroma which some people speculated because of the re-circulation.
Reviewed by:  on 9/12/2016

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