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Racetrack Keg Rebuild Kit
Racetrack Keg Rebuild Kit

Racetrack Keg Rebuild Kit

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Rebuild A Classic Racetrack Keg Today!
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Racetrack Rebuild Kit For Keg

Got a racetrack keg that needs to be refurbished? Then we've got you covered! This rebuild kit includes everything you need to get refurbish and rebuild your classic racetrack keg, including dip tubes, a lid, grommets and more. See the full details below.

This Kit Includes:

  • 1 Race Track Keg Gas Dip Tube (New)
  • 1 Replacement Race Track Dip Tube Grommet (Liquid)
  • 1 New Race Track Lid for Corny Kegs
  • 2 Plastic Racetrack Insert
  • 1 Racetrack Keg Lid Small O-Ring

  • Instructions for using the racetrack keg rebuild kit:
  • Remove posts
  • Remove lid
  • Place grommet onto replacement liquid dip tube
  • Install replacement inserts
  • Install gas dip tube and liquid dip tube
  • Reinstall gas and liquid posts
  • Install new o-ring onto replacement lid
  • Install replacement lid
  • Voila, you're done. It's that simple
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