1. Red Vines Hop Rhizomes
Red Vines Hop Rhizomes
Red Vines Hop Rhizomes

Red Vines Hop Rhizomes

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Used frequently as decorative green-age or in crafts. Red Vines may have some characteristic or shared lineage of Cluster and have been used in brewing with some success on the home brewer level. If you are looking for a hop plant with vigorous growth for landscaping or craft work, this is your plant!

Hops are hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 8.

GENUS: Humulus
SPECIES: lupulus
CULTIVAR: Canadian RedVine 
ORIGIN: Canfield, Ohio 
LEAF COLOR: medium dark green to lighter green depending on location 
SIDE ARM LENGTH: 30 - 50 inches, sometimes even longer 
BETA ACIDS: 5 - 6 % 
STORAGE STABILITY: very good, retained over 80% of its original alpha acids after 6 months storage at room temperature OIL: 11.20 ml/ 100 g. 
Humulene 2%; caryophyllene 2%; farnesene 4 - 7%; myrcene 70%. H/C ratio = 0.90 MAJOR TRAITS: exceptionally vigorous, very low alpha, high cohumulone, little humulene 

OTHER INFORMATION: In older Cluster yards in the Grants Pass (OR) area and also in some Yakima yards, Canadian RedVine was mixed in with Clusters. Canadian RedVine probably originated in Canda (hence the name) and due to its extreme vigor and rhizome production it spread rapidly. Farm workers were given orders to collect roots from an existing Cluster field in preparation for new Cluster plantings and when they found a huge crown (probably RedVine) that yielded several hundred roots (rhizomes) they could easily fill their bucket from one crown which, sadly, was not Cluster.

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