1. Restricted Quantities Italian Nebbiolo
Restricted Quantities Italian Nebbiolo
Restricted Quantities Italian Nebbiolo

Restricted Quantities Italian Nebbiolo

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Restricted Quantities Italian Nebbiolo 

Capture a boldly defiant wine with the Italian Nebbiolo. Using Enrico Alfano, leader of mafia-type group the Camorra, for inspiration, this wine has a delicate appeal the easily collaborates with its hearty and robust counterparts. This full bodied, dry wine is a great complement to meaty dishes with a full aroma of black cherries, dark berries, dried pink & purple flowers and subtle hints of spice. A broad texture and polished tannins are evident in the palate. Try pairing this phenomenal wine with entrees such as Braised Beef Cheeks with Garlic Infused Mash Potatoes, Lasagna Bolognese, or Rigatoni alla Norma.
Body : Full
Oak : Light
Sweetness : Dry

Enrico "Erricone" Alfano was considered by many to be the leader of the Camorra, a mafia-type group based in Naples and the Campania region of Italy, and some type of crime demi-god. There were rumors of his invulnerability to bulls and his uncanny ability to escape his pursuers. It was whispered he was responsible for the deaths of a NYPD sergeant, a rival Camorra boss and his wife. Despite his legend, he was eventually caught and brought to trial, which quickly expanded to a tribunal against the entire Camorra, where he was found guilty. Sentenced to 30 years, Alfano maintained his innocence the entire time and was vindicated after the trial was discovered to be illegitimate. He was released from prison after serving 27 of his 30 year sentence, in 1934, never to be heard from again.

4 Fugitives Italian Nebbiolo Features:
- 18 Liters of Juice/Concentrate
- Elderflower
- Medium Toast American Oak
- 30 Bottle Labels
- Dry Yeast

Introducing the 4 FUGITIVES, a thrilling new adventure in winemaking featuring four notoriously great wines inspired by larger than life criminal characters! Each fugitive represents the country of origin for each wine, offering a unique personification of each grapes character with that of their criminal counterpoint. Learn more about these notorious characters born of these regions and their even bolder stories with each delicious glass of these phenomenal wines.

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