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Rice Hulls 1 lb

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Rice Hulls 1 lb

Rice Hulls are used to give your mash an effective filter bed. While they may be used in any all-grain batch for this purpose, they should definitely be used when mashing large amounts of flaked adjuncts or wheat malt.A natural, easy way to help prevent a stuck mash!
Rice Hulls are used to aid in filterability when you’re doing all-grain brewing with a high percentage of wheat or oats, or if you have had lautering problems. They do not impart any flavor to the finished beer. Use at a percentage not greater than 5% of the total grain bill. Typical dosage is 1/2 lb in a 5 gallon batch.

All homebrew grains are sold by the pound. You also have the ability to add tenths of pound amounts.

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