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Ruby Street Domed False Bottom

Ruby Street Domed False Bottom

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Ruby Street 12" Domed False Bottom

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Patent pending design offers a unique adjustable height dip tube. These universal bottoms will convert any 10 gallon water cooler, converted keg, or stock pot with 12” or greater diameter into a highly efficient mash tun.

Option 1
 Insert the 3/8" Dip tube with short side down for flat bottom water coolers and stock pots.

Option 2 
Insert the 3/8" Dip tube with long side down, reaches deep into converted beer kegs. Stainless steel stop collars above and below the stainless steel false bottom allow for easy and secure depth adjustment with provided hex key. Also includes 3/8” ID silicone tubing for attachment to any 3/8” barbed fitting.

5 Stars
Good fits-all False Bottom
I was concerned over whether this false bottom as a 'fits all' option would work since the custom false bottoms for my 15 gallon flat bottomed brew kettle no longer exist. I'm happy with the fit with this unit and it seems to keep the vast majority of particulate matter away from the inlet in the bottom. I'm planning to give the first few batches some vorloff to help in wort clarity going to the boil, but this seems like it will last some time, and provide easy use throughout. Once again, thanks to the Adventures staff for answering all my questions before I bought.
Reviewed by:  on 2/24/2017

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