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Saniclean 1 Quart
Saniclean 1 Quart

Saniclean 1 Quart

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Saniclean 1 Quart

A low-foam, acid anionic rinse for brewery and food plant applications. Active ingredients: Sulfonated Oleic Acid (11%) and Phosphoric Acid (40%).

Directions for use:

After cleaning with an alkaline cleaner, like PBW™, use Saniclean™ as a final rinse. The rate of use is 1 ounce/3 gallons or 1 ounce/2 gallons of water (25-40 mL per 10 L of water). To apply Saniclean™, either soak or spray and make sure to leave it on your item for at least 3 minutes. After draining your item, let it air dry completely. 

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