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Selection Premium Australian Petit Verdot (w/ Grape Skins)

Selection Premium Australian Petit Verdot (w/ Grape Skins)

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Wine Kits and Grape Skins

The addition of processed grape skins to kits can be an excellent way to improve and enhance body, mouth-feel, tannin and color. With lower levels of processing, grape skins carry more solids into the finished wine than concentrate/juice alone kits have traditionally had.

The result is enhanced body, mouth-feel, tannin and color, and in our case the trade-off for a marked increase in character is not accompanied by the need for increased ageing.

The process followed for producing our grape skins removes most of the short-chain (harsh) tannins, leaving behind the smooth, mouth-filling tannins and the desirable flavors. The wines will drink very well almost as soon as they are bottled, and will improve on the same scale as regular Selection International: 6-12 months to achieve a high peak of flavor, and improvement for up to three years under good cellaring.

Selection International with grape skins is an exciting addition to the Selection International line up, allowing the winemaker to choose a country of origin kit with excellent varietal character, bold flavors and aromas and full-bodied tannins, all in a wine that drinks well young and rewards patience.

In an independent tasting, wines made with Selection International with Grape Skins were rated higher than those made with key competitors’ grape skins kits.

Comparing Selection International with Grape Skins to Crushendo

Crushendo was a single-Vineyard designated kit with a grape skin pack.  Because the grape material came from a single source, it allowed for complete control over the character of the wine. However, the better the quality of the wine when it was ready to drink, the more challenging and closed the wine was when it was young. Typically, despite Winexpert`s best efforts to make an approachable, easily drinkable wine, Crushendo kits did not show as well as their competitors when less than a year old.

Not so with Selection International with Grape Skins: right from bottling day, winemakers will be able to appreciate rich fruit character and varietal intensity with full, smooth tannins that the kit offers. It will still improve with age, but with greater drinkability along the way.

The Verdot wine kit comes with everything you need to make 6 gallons (which will result in approx. 30 750ml bottles) of finished wine. This kit includes:

  • Juice Concentrate (18L)

  • Yeast

  • Stabilizers

  • Clarifying Agents

  • Grape Skins

  • Bottle Labels

  • Oak (only if the style calls for it)

  • Full Set of Instructions

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5 Stars
Kit Working Great
Kit arrived in great shape considering weight. Followed instructions to the letter and 18 days in, will stabilize today. Made same kit about 6 years ago and best red ever. Making wine now, kits, and fresh for over 20 years. Thanks AIH, will give feedback as we clear and bottle.
Reviewed by:  on 3/30/2016