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Shrink Capsule Shrinker
Shrink Capsule Shrinker

Shrink Capsule Shrinker

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Electric Tabletop Model
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Shrink Capsule Shrinker

This convenient Shrink Capsule Shrinker fits on the tabletop, and shrinks PVC shrink wraps in mere seconds. This 110 v electric capsule shrinker uses a small heating coil to quickly and consistently shrink PVC shrink wraps on a multitude of bottle sizes to give your wine a sharp, professional look. The adjustable bottle tray can be lowered or raised to use the shrinker with different sized bottles, just tilt the the tray so the bottle neck rests in the center of the heating coil. This shrinker is great for bottling larger batches of wine. Heating coil is 2.25" in diameter. Need Wine Bottle Shrink Wraps? Click here to see our full selection of Wine Bottle Shrink Wraps!

To Use:
- Turn on shrinker, and allow to heat up for a few minutes
- Inset wine bottle for a few seconds
- Gently spin to ensure the bottle heats evenly
- Takes only a few seconds per bottle!

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