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Sight Gauge Tee Assembly (Stainless Steel)
Sight Gauge Tee Assembly (Stainless Steel)

Sight Gauge Tee Assembly (Stainless Steel)

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Sight Gauge Stainless Steel Tee Assembly
By popular request of an affordable sight gauge, we have added several economy sight gauges to our website. These are very easy to install in to a 1/2" NPT coupling already installed in your kettle and will come with a full set of instructions. These sight gauges will fit most kettles up to 15 gallons, they are approximately 18" from the top of your 1/2" coupling. If you would like us to custom cut one for your kettle please choose this option below. It is easy to cut to the exact length with a pipe cutter taking small adjustments at a time or simply by using a table saw or hacksaw.  

This sight gauge is perfect if you only have one fitting and want to add a sight gauge where your ball valve is. You simply remove your ball valve and install this sight gauge assembly and put your ball valve in to the tee and your all set. 
You can also use this when you want to put a sight gauge where your thermometer is already installed. Simply uninstall the thermometer and install this in to that coupling and re-install your thermometer in to this assembly. 
 If you need a ball valve assembly please see the options below.
Sight Gauge Includes:
1- 1/2" MPT x 1/2"Compression Stainless Steel Fitting
1- 18" Poly-Carbonate Tubing
1- SS Tee
1- Set of Vinyl Graduation Stickers (2-15)
1- Stainless Steel Close Nipple
Optional Eye bolt allows you to attach the sight tube to your kettle, all you will need is a 1/4" drill bit and drill to do this. It is not always necessary to do this depending on how straight your coupling is welded to the kettle. We only offer a 4" eye bolt for this sight gauge because it will be considerably further away from the kettle than our other sight gauges, this may not be long enough depending on if your coupling is welded straight or not. You may want to wait until you install this and get a good measurement before you by one. These should be available at your local hardware store as well.
Cleaning Your Sight Tube:
A simple occasional light cleaning with your favorite cleaner and a 3/8" nylon hose brush is all you need to do. See option below if you don't already have one.
If you are doing deep cleaning of more than 30 minutes, it is recommended to remove the sight gauge and install a hole plug during this cleaning period because extended contact of cleaning detergents could cause the poly-carbonate to crack.
Avoid direct flame contact and use a heat shield if necessary to avoid excessive heat to your sight gauge, the poly-carbonate tubing has a  rating of up to 250 degrees. Paying attention to  avoid both of these will increase the life of your sight gauge for many brews!

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