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Soda Making Supplies

Soda making is a family tradition...or at least it should be! A great place to get the kids started with a hobby. Most of our sodas can be made without a kegging system, although a kegging system will make it even easier! When carbonating in bottles, please use Plastic Bottles!
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Mr Root Beer Kit
$26.99  $21.60
Refill Kit For Mr. Root Beer
Sprecher Rootbeer Soda
Average Rating(4)
Sprechers Orange Dream Extract Gallon
Average Rating(2)
Sprechers Gorilla Grape Extract Gallon
Average Rating(1)
Sprechers Puma Kola Extract Gallon
Average Rating(1)
Root Beer Soda Extract
Average Rating(1)
Birch Beer Soda Extract
Sarsaparilla Soda Extract
Ginger Soda Extract
Cherry Soda Extract
Cream Soda
Cola Soda Extract
Orange Soda Extract
$7.99  $5.19
Raspberry Soda Extract
Lemon Lime Soda Extract
500 ml Plastic P.E.T. Bottles  - Case of 24
500 ml Plastic P.E.T. Bottles - Case of 24
P.E.T. Amber Beer or Soda Bottles
28mm Bottle Caps 24 Count
28mm Bottle Caps 24 Count
For PET Plastic Bottles
$4.99  $3.24
Soda Siphon
Soda Siphon
Adds carbonation to soda
Ultimate Candy Kit