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Sorachi Ace Leaf Hops 1oz

Sorachi Ace Leaf Hops 1oz

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Sorachi Ace Leaf Hops 1oz.


Sorachi Ace has a unique lemony and slight dill aroma. It was developed in Japan at Sapporo Breweries. An extremely unique high alpha aroma variety with great bittering characteristics. Good for typical beer styles such as Belgian wit, IPA, pale ale, and Belgian saison. 

Possible Substitutions: n/a 

Technical Specifications: 
Aroma: lemon, slight dill 
Alpha Acids: 13 - 16% 
Beta Acids: 6.0 -7.0% 
Co-Humulone 23% 
Total Oil: 2.0 - 2.8 ml/100g 
Myrcene: n/a 
Humulene: n/a 
Caryophyllene: n/a 
Farnesene: n/a

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