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Speidel Bladder Press - 90 Liter
Speidel Bladder Press - 90 Liter

Speidel Bladder Press - 90 Liter

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Speidel Bladder Press - 90 Liters

The original bladder press!

Speidel water bladder presses are top of the line, with quality manufacturing and attractive features such as a slotted screen to obtain a better press, superior hardware, and a recessed valve assembly.  Water bladder presses are easy to use, they get better juice extraction than ratchet style presses, and are more gentle on the fruit. 

Ideal for pressing grapes, it was originally designed for pressing apple with optimal extraction. Also useful for making herbal tinctures, de-watering marinated vegetables, pressing honeycomb, and many other applications. 

Speidel water bladder presses include:
  • Complete press assembly
  • Inner mesh bag (to keep fruit from getting in the stainless basket and make cleanup easier)
  • Plastic "spray-protection bag" to keep juice from squirting out
  • Fittings to connect garden hose
  • Instruction manual
Presses ship in a corrugated box. Minor assembly (attaching legs) is required before use.

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OOS or Seasonal, Join Waiting List
Ships Direct From Manufacturer
Ships Direct From Manufacturer