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Speidel Replacement Airlock

Speidel Replacement Airlock

Item Number:19-0781
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Replaces the oversized airlock that comes with our Speidel plastic tanks.

Does Not include the stopper shown in the photo.

Height 5 3/8". Outer diameter 2 7/8". Stem outer diameter 23/32". Stem inner diameter 9/16".

3 Stars
Fruit Flies
So I'm not a fan of this airlock, though I can't necessarily fault its function. It is big compared to other airlocks you are probably familiar with, but that would be OK. The problem is that the upper piece that floats up 'til the bubble of CO2 escapes allows complete access to the liquid below. And the smell of cider and alcohol and CO2 is just what fruit flies love best! Right now I have probably 20 or so dead fruit flies in my airlock. OK, they are dead, so no problem, right? But no other airlock I use accumulates fruit fly carcasses like this. I assume that since the direction of gases is away from the ferment I'm OK, but still, maybe a redesign with some tighter lid that excludes bugs would be good.
Reviewed by:  on 10/18/2016

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