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Sprecher Rootbeer Soda
Sprecher Rootbeer Soda

Sprecher Rootbeer Soda

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             **** this is not a Fullsoda making kit, with equipment-Kegging items would be required to produce this Soda****

Sprecher Rootbeer Soda 1 gallon Extract- 

This truly old fashioned soda has the rich, creamy flavor that only comes from using pure Wisconsin honey direct from the combs. These extracts are prepared at the brewery in a hand-made, gas-fired brew kettle, by combining honey, pure vanilla and a host of aromatic botanicals. The dark, honeyed brew will build a delicious, frothy head when properly poured into a frosted mug. Simply add 4 gallons of water to this one gallon extract, carbonate, and enjoy!

This product requires a kegging system, in order to force carbonate. Bottle conditioning will not work.

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