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Sprecher Rootbeer Soda

Sprecher Rootbeer Soda

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Sprecher Rootbeer Soda 1 gallon Extract

This truly old fashioned soda has the rich, creamy flavor that only comes from using pure Wisconsin honey direct from the combs. These extracts are prepared at the brewery in a hand-made, gas-fired brew kettle, by combining honey, pure vanilla and a host of aromatic botanicals. The dark, honeyed brew will build a delicious, frothy head when properly poured into a frosted mug. Simply add 4 gallons of water to this one gallon extract, carbonate, and enjoy!

This product requires a kegging system, in order to force carbonate. Bottle conditioning will not work.
5 Stars
Absolutely The Best Root Beer Ever!!!
I have seen this for sale now for a while and always wondered how it tasted. Well I found a 12oz bottle at a local candy store (Rocket Fizz) and I chilled it in the fridge and poured into a frosted mug. WOW!! The best root beer I have ever had. So then I ordered the 1 gallon syrup. I followed the instructions for a keg, and it tasted exactly like the bottle I purchased. Trust me when I say that you will not be disappointed with this product. I am going to purchase another keg just to keep some of this root beer on tap.
Reviewed by:  on 8/8/2017
5 Stars
Awesome Syrup
Tastes awesome and it DOES work with Sodastream. You just have to use a little more than normal Sodastream syrup. Highly recommend.
Reviewed by:  on 2/8/2017
5 Stars
Always a Favorite
This is always a favorite for those non-beer drinkers and kids. Plus it makes a great root beer float. I've tried others but this is our fave.
Reviewed by:  on 4/25/2014
5 Stars
Best Root Beer there is!
I've had this from a bottle and thought it would be fun for the kids. Let me tell you it tastes better coming out of the keg than the bottle! Easy ratio! 1 gal of syrup to 4 of water. = Morons like me can do it! I run 15 feet of serving line and pressurize at 35 psi and it turned out great!
Reviewed by:  on 2/1/2014

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