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Square ZChiller
Square ZChiller

Square ZChiller

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 Square ZChiller

Adventures in Homebrewing is proud announce that we are now offering a full line of ZChillers made right here in the USA!

The ZChiller utilizes the enhanced thermal gradients of a counterflow wort chiller with the added benefit of greater surface area for heat transfer. Instead of a simple, cylindrical inner tube, the ZChiller utilizes a unique, convoluted “spiral star” design that enables superior heat transfer out of the wort as well as unparalleled cooling uniformity for consistent cold breaks and record cooling times. The chilling ability matches or exceeds that of plate chillers without the downside of disruptive clogs.  These advantages result in:

Reduced chilling time.
More efficient cold break to remove unwanted proteins and particulates from your beer.
Cleaner aroma profile because of decrease in DMS production, giving you a more pronounced aroma that you have worked so hard for.
Easier cleaning, especially when compared to a plate chiller.

These chillers utilize a “tube-in-tube” design, with the inner tube transporting hot wort one direction, and the outer tube transporting cold water in the opposite direction. This setup maximizes thermal gradients throughout the length of the chiller for efficient and even cooling.  Their efficient design leads to a greater degree of versatility when it comes to batch sizes and allows the brewer to use a wide range groundwater temperatures. In addition, a more substantial space for wort flow greatly reduces the chance of clogging compared to the plate chiller, making chilling faster and cleaning easier.

 Square ZChiller 
 8.75" side length, 7.25" tall, made from 134" of copper tubing. Distinctive design delivers cooling rates comparable to the Large ZChiller with a brand new look to spice up your rig. If you're looking for a unique chiller with a bit of flash that can handle a variety of batch sizes, look no further.

These come with 1/2" MPT fittings on the wort inlet and wort outlet tube and on the water tube they have Female Garden Hose Fitting on the inlet and Male Garden Hose Fitting on the outlet.
We also carry a full line of fittings for your convenience depending on how you want to set up your ZChiller, please check out our options in the links below.
5 Stars
One of the best improvements I've done to my brewing setup
After replacing my immersion chiller with the zChiller, my cooling time went from 30-40 minutes to just under 15 minutes and no more standing there dunking the chiller! The chiller is a hefty piece of art that looks as good as it works. For mine, I added a couple of camlock connectors and a gate valve to control the flow of the cold water through it and now it sits in line with my pump and I'm able to chill while I whirlpool. Worth the investment.
Reviewed by:  on 7/28/2016

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