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Stainless Steel Dip Tube

Stainless Steel Dip Tube

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Stainless Steel Dip Tube

All 304 SS
1/2' Male NPT connection
Flared fitting for easy orientation
1/2' Outer draw tube

From the inside of the kettle, connect the 1/2" MNPT fitting threads to female connector on the pot/spigot. Tighten for a good seal.
Next, attach the dip tube loosely to the flare connector flare side of the fitting. Rotate dip tube to desired position and tighten nut firmly so dip tube will not move. In a hot liqour tank, tube opening should be 1/8" from the bottom. In a boil ketttle, tube opening should be 3/4" off the bottom or less to avoid picking up trub.

Dip tube extends 5" into the kettle. 3.5" of space is required to properly install dip tube.

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