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Stainless Steel Forward Sealing Flow Control Faucet by Intertap

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Stainless Steel Forward Sealing Flow Control Faucet by Intertap

This stainless steel faucet will have you pouring your beer with total control. Featuring a forward seal and a modular spout, the Intertap Flow Control Faucet's main attraction is its flow control lever. This small lever controls the rate at which you beer enters the faucet resulting in a variation in your beer's head allowing you to tailor your pour for each brew. The forward sealing mechanism keeps beer inside your faucet, making sure your are left with a clean, lubricated faucet without any sticky messes or jammed faucet handles. It also reduces the risk of off flavors permeating in your beer. The Intertap Faucets feature a sliding shuttle, which properly seats the sealing o-ring each time by apply equal pressure on all sides. Compared to the floating o-ring design used by other forward sealing faucets, the sliding shuttle ensures your o-rings will last for a considerably longer time.

The threaded, modular spout gives you a multitude of pouring options at your finger tips. Simply unthread the standard spout and quickly and easily screw on another to finely tune your beer drinking experience! Check out the options section above to add a Stout Spout to your order today! The Stout Spout adds a restrictor plate on the interior of the spout, as well as increases the length of the spout. This creates more bubbles as your beer pours, which leads to a creamier and thicker head. The creamy head brings out the complex flavors of a stout, and helps accentuate the notes you might miss!

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