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Still Spirits Classic Gin

Still Spirits Classic Gin

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Still Spirits Classic Gin
2 sachets, 29 gram each

Creates a distinctive gin, of outstanding character. Clean tasting with a strong juniper flavour and angelica spice.

Each of the 29 gram sachets are enough to make 1.125 Liters or 1.2 US Quarts of Classic Gin. Just add Vodka or distilled alcohol for the perfect spirit.

Add sachet contents to 1.125 Liter of 40% ABV alcohol. Rinse out any remaining essence from the sachet with some of the alcohol

Still Spirits recommends using the Still Spirits Pure Turbo Yeast System to yield the highest quality alcohol.
2 Stars
Not awful, but not great
This is not at all a decent Gin. It may be OK in a mixed drink. Mostly it lacks freshness. Gin is very floral and has a lot of "pop" in the botanicals. While most of the Gin notes are there in this flavor, they are quite dull. There is also a sweetness that is not right. Some Gin's have some sweetness but this seems like a sugar added kind of sweetness. I tried it with a very lime forward drink and the fresh lime helped a lot so it's not "undrinkable", but it doesn't bring a lot of "gin" to the table. It's not too artificial tasting, though it does have a bit of "fakeness" to it. Given the option I might give it two and a half stars, maybe. I didn't expect great Gin but I was expecting for "cheap" gin and hoping for better than cheap Gin. This is a bit below cheap Gin. At only a couple of dollars (per 750mL) less than name brand affordable Gins (with much better flavor) I don't think I will be using the rest of this on another batch.
Reviewed by:  on 6/6/2017

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