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Stopper Thermowell

Stopper Thermowell

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This carboy thermowell is used in conjunction with the Digital Thermostat to more accurately regulate internal temperature during fermentation. It is exceptionally useful during the start of fermentation when the lag between ambient temperature in the refrigerator and actual temperature in the carboy can vary greatly. Now you can keep your beer or wine within one degree of the set point on your digital controller. Designed to fit either the 5, 6 or 6.5 gallon carboys, or any other similarly sized opening hole, the unit comes with an 15" stainless steel thermowell with a 1/4"ID  and a #6 stopper. It can be used in any container with a stopper opening where you need to accurately monitor and control liquid temperature. You can use this with your refrigerator for exact cooling temps, or use it with one of our heating products to control how warm your fermenter gets.

Note: Not compatible with the analog temperature controller or Better Bottles.

5 Stars
Other than stopper wanted to keep sliding out, a little duct tape handled that. It worked great.
Reviewed by:  on 1/20/2018
1 Stars
Useless as is
The stopper is way too small. This is essentially useless as is with any standard 3/5/6 gallon glass carboy.
Reviewed by:  on 1/2/2018
5 Stars
Works as expected
I am giving 5 stars because after three batches maintaining perfect temperature using the thermowell and temperature probe was exactly what I expected. As far as the stopper that comes with the thermowell, I just removed it and drilled an additional hole in a larger stopper and inserted the well. Too easy!
Reviewed by:  on 1/11/2017
4 Stars
Slightly small but works
The stopper is smaller than I'd like but I'm not worried about it going through the hole in the Big Mouth Bubbler lid. Other than that, great item so far.
Reviewed by:  on 1/7/2017
5 Stars
Works Great!
I used this for a thermoelectric cooler I built. It is large enough to fit the standard temperature probe on the STC-1000 controller.
Reviewed by:  on 6/13/2016
5 Stars
Great product
I installed an stc1000 probe and retrofitted it to my fermentation bucket. Is also easy to bend if needed.
Reviewed by:  on 2/22/2016
5 Stars
Excellent Product, Great Price
These guys have the best prices and the best service. They exceed my expectations every time!
Reviewed by:  on 7/15/2015
5 Stars
Stopper Thermowell
Works Great! Inserted the probe into the thermowell once the wort temperature was close to my fermenting chamber temperature and allowed the compressor to be controlled by the wort temperature.
Reviewed by:  on 6/18/2015
1 Stars
Buyer beware
The stopper is too small. When wet it slips right through the carboy hole. After this happened to me I had to leave it in the beer during fermentation. The silicone-like stopper released some solvent or something into the beer and it smells bad. Had to dump the batch.
Reviewed by:  on 6/9/2015
3 Stars
stopper is very slippery
the stopper is not made from the same silicone as other stoppers. It's very smooth and difficult with a glass carboy. It almost slipped into the carboy and conversely slipped out far enough to not keep a seal during fermentation.
Reviewed by:  on 5/23/2015

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