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Sweet Gale - 2 grams
Sweet Gale - 2 grams

Sweet Gale - 2 grams

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Beer flavoring for gruits
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Myrica gale - 2 grams

Sweet, resinous, with a hint of nutmeg. 

Myrica Gale (also called Bog Myrtle) is usually found near lakes or running water. Its leaves are covered in a fragrant resin, hence the name Sweet Gale in English. The leaves can be made into an herbal tea or infused.

During the Middle Ages, Sweet Gale was often used to flavor beer. It was added to an herb concoction called gruit, which was a popular flavor additive before hops became popular.  This relatively unknown herb is well-suited for holiday beers and specialty beers where a unique "un-hop" taste is needed.

Sweet Gale fruit has a peppery but gentle aroma, with a pine-like background and aromatic notes that resemble nutmeg. In cooking, it can be used to marinate pork, poultry, or wild game. It makes a great complement to grilled meat and homemade charcuterie. You can also use it to flavor apple, pear, or citrus desserts. 

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