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Tetra Air pump Aeration Kit
Tetra Air pump Aeration Kit

Tetra Air pump Aeration Kit

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Whisper Air Pump Kit
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-The complete diffusion kit comes assembled with the following: a diffusion stone clamped on one end of the 5 ft hose, the in-line filter on the other side of 4 ft of the hose connected by another 1 ft of hose to be connected to the pump.

-An aeration system helps dissolve oxygen that is needed by yeast before active fermentation begins. With enough oxygen present, beer will be off to a healthy and vigorous fermentation in a minimal amount of time. Simply plug in the pump, submerge the stone in cooled wort, and run the pump for 15 minutes to 1 hour before fermentation begins. Headspace will be needed in the fermenter because the aeration may create foam.

-This product is the new shape of silence. Patented dome shape and sound dampening chambers minimize turbulence and produce a smooth quiet stream of air. Wide footprint, rubber feet and suspended pump motor eliminate sound producing vibrations. Thick walls insulate motor noise. Powerful diaphragms provide ample airflow.

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