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The Beer Bug

The Beer Bug

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The BeerBug monitors Specific Gravity, Fermentation Temperature and Alcohol % and transmits that information to an online account in real time. Brewers can log in to the BeerBug website or access their ferments via the free Android or iOS app to view real-time measurements and historical graphed data.

The BeerBug helps brewers answer the important questions and gain real insight into how their beer ferments. Now it is possible to gauge real lag times, see the actual temperature impacts from different yeast strains, determine how yeasts behave in the time from high krausen to actually finishing fermentation and much more.

What could be cooler than all of that? How about the built-in capability to share all of this data directly with friends and fellow brewers over social media? The possibilities are endless. Set up a BrewBug for your shop and run monthly contests with your customers: Who can finish first? Who can ferment the dryest? Who has the most even fermentation temperature? Or, simply engage your customers by posting your "house" fermentation data directly to your shop's Facebook page.

How it works
Specific Gravity is measured with the "Torpedo," whose buoyancy in the fermenting wort is monitored by the BeerBug. This is the same principle a hydrometer works off of. The length of the line that the Torpedo hangs from can be adjusted to any length, making the BeerBug compatible with any fermenter.

Temperature is measured via a built-in sensor that monitors the temp of the CO2 being released from your fermentation. On it's own this is very accurate, but for that extra degree of precision an [OPTIONAL] external temperature probe is also available.

Alcohol percentage is calulated based on starting gravity and the amount of sugar that's been fermented.


Fits most any vessel
CO2 vents through a traditional blowoff or an airlock
Actual gravity sensor hangs from your BeerBug into your beer and can be lengthened or shortened to accommodate any vessel
Sends information via your local WiFi network (local WiFi required)
Rechargeable battery has 25 day life
Free account on
Android and iOS Apps available for your phone or tablet
Software upgrades are automatically sent to the Beer Bug via WiFi as released
Temperature probe available separately
1 year warranty

1 Stars
I have had this beer bug for over a year. I purchased it when it was $199.00. It has worked one time for me and I have brewed well many more times than that. The company is responsive but only sends emails of promises to fix the ongoing issues. Do not waste your money. Check their FB page for more info, you will notice all the comments are related to "this product has never worked". I wish I knew this before we spent the money.
Reviewed by:  on 4/2/2017
1 Stars
Supportless product
I had purchased this item just over a year ago and enjoyed the novelty of using it. Seemed interesting and fun to see the data points moving. It's not all that accurate though and faces its own challenges of operation. But my review is based on the maker of the item. When I went to charge up the item in May I discovered it wouldn't charge. So I jumped to their website to check the forums. This turned out to be a faulty charge controller and when I asked them they indicated that was the case, gave me the info to send to them for repairs. Item arrived to them on June 20th. I hadn't heard anything back so got in touch on July 17. A very quick response indicating that's odd and they would look into it and get me a new unit if needed. Really gave me a good feeling. A week later I followed up as there had been no response. And then 3 days after. They seem to have gone MIA. The app is no longer available in Canada for download. Not sure about the US. As it stands now, I spent 200 on the device, got 6 brews out of it, paid 25 bucks to ship to them for repairs. And now don't have the money or the garbage item. Beware! I really hope that these retailers drop these items. If you don't Believe me log on to their free forums. Issues daily and no one to address them.
Reviewed by:  on 7/28/2016
1 Stars
Not what it should be
I just wanted to provide a little bit of what I went through with this Beer Bug. First off AIH is the greatest and this is in no way saying anything bad about them. I will always shop here online and I love their service. As far as the Beer Bug, I have had problems since day 1 and returned it. No service from them at all. In 4 days I waited on them to take my Bug out of development mode and I still haven't heard back from them. Please take a second and sign into their free app and read some of the posts. There are people having problems every day trying to get someone to respond to them and cannot get through. Just wanted to help in case someone is thinking of this item in the near future. I wish AIH would send all of these back to them so they don't get any negative feedback from this. Nothing but positive things to say about AIH and their service!
Reviewed by:  on 12/21/2015

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