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The Catalyst Fermentation System

The Catalyst Fermentation System

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The Catalyst Fermentation System

This is a new all-in-one fermentation vessel! A 6.5 gallon fermenting vessel, the Catalyst features a bevy of options designed to make brewing simpler and easier. The Catalyst Fermentation System can be used for primary fermentation and secondary fermentation, as well as collecting kettle trub, harvesting yeast, and bottling. The BPA-free Tritan polymer tank is completely dishwasher safe and features a 3" butterfly valve, allowing you to easily connect any wide mouth mason jar for use in trub, sediment, and yeast collection. You can also easily attach the included bottling attachment with transfer tubing to simplify the bottling process. The durable stand is designed using I-beam and honeycomb construction.

6.5 Gallon Tank (BPA-Free, Scratch Resistant)
3" Butterfly Valve
Stand (Minor Assembly)
Bottling Attachment
Transfer Tubing
Tubing Clamp
Rubber Stopper
16 oz. Wide Mouth Mason Jar
Allen Wrench

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1 Stars
Great idea but sadly inefficient!
I have only used my catalyst fermenter once because I was disappointed at how much beer that I lost. I pride myself in being able to reduce the sediment in my bottling process and this method just isn't conducive for that. You lose some when you take the jar off of the bottom to waste the trub and there will alway be quite a bit in the bottom when you try to bottle. I also noticed that there was some trub stuck to the inside where the cone starts to funnel down which can loosen and fall down while bottling. I may use it again but will auto siphon like my carboys.
Reviewed by:  on 1/12/2018
3 Stars
Could have been better
I love that there are companies trying to improve brewing equipment but this could have been better. First thing I noticed while setting up is that the lid has a weakness in the folding ears. After just two uses one of the ears started to break off. The Catalyst team was fast to respond and did send me a new lid when I contacted them, however it has the same weak points. I plan on heating the ears before folding the first time to try and extend the life of this lid. Besides the ears I had issues with large amounts of sediment staying on the conical part of the fermenter and not falling into the jar. I was able to minimize this by swirling the fermenter a few times but could not clear all of it. I also had to empty the jar several times causing my total volume to drop below 5 gallons. I would recommend buying a 32oz and an 8oz jar to use instead of the included 16oz jar. Start with the 32oz if you have a brew that will produce a lot of trub and then switch to the 8oz when the jar isn't full after a few days. This can help minimize the amount of beer lost. My second time using the Catalyst I only had to empty the jar twice but the second time the jar was only half full of sediment so I had to pour out around 8oz of beer, and I hate seeing any amount go to waste. I ended up attaching the base to a platform with casters for easier mobility, the base is designed very well but the fermenter just sits in it which can allow for it to shift if not carried just right. Looking back, I was drawn in by the beauty and marketing of the Catalyst. If I knew then what I know now I would have opted to add the extra money for a more proven stainless fermenter instead. I have never used a stainless one so it may have issues also, but I know they have been around a long time so they must have done something right. There are a lot of upsides to my Catalyst. It is easy to clean and easy to transfer. The quality of everything (besides the lid), is very good and I feel it can last a long time. I would buy another Catalyst, I just wouldn't pay more than half what they are asking in its current figuration. I am hoping for a redesign that will improve the sediment build up issue and the lid issue. A redesign may cause it to not fit in the dishwasher, but that is more of a gimmick anyway. By the time I go through and take everything apart, remove the top rack of my dishwasher, and run it through a cycle, I could have washed it by hand and be enjoying one of my homebrews!
Reviewed by:  on 9/26/2017

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