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The Cornical by Blichmann Engineering - Full System

The Cornical by Blichmann Engineering - Full System

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The Cornical by Blichmann Engineering - Full System

Introducing the new modular keg and conical fermentor from Blichmann Engineering, the Cornical! See it in Action RIGHT HERE!

This amazing innovation gives you one product that performs all the functions of a conical fermentor, and quickly and easily converts to a keg set for dispensing after fermentation is finished. After fermenting your beer, simply invert your Cornical and replace the cone bottom for the keg bottom, and your beer will be pouring in no time. 

No racking to a secondary vessel needed! Easy to clean! The large opening on the bottom of the keg make cleaning and sanitizing a breeze! FERMENT, CARBONATE, AND SERVE! ALL IN ONE!
  • Integrated rotating racking arm with sanitary sampling valve
  • Modular design allows multipurpose fermentor/serving keg
  • Removable bottom makes cleaning simple and fast
  • Full 1.5” sanitary butterfly dump valve (for yeast harvesting and trub dumping)
  • All stainless sanitary fittings for contamination free beer
  • Pressure capable to 50psi for fermentation
  • Easy to use lid hatch for dry hopping and secondary additions
  • Optional wall mounting bracket

Special Note
The Cornical by Blichmann Engineering is shipped directly from the manufacturer. Please allow for processing time and ground shipping. It can only ship to physical addresses within the contiguous 48 states.

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