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The GrainFather with New Connect Controller

The GrainFather with New Connect Controller

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The GrainFather with BRAND NEW Connect Controller

Experience a new age of brewing with the wireless connectivity of the GrainFather and GrainFather Connect Controller!

BRAND NEW Connect Controller for the GrainFather!

Connect Control Box brings future automation together with the classic fun of brewing to enhance your brew day. This high level of automation allows you to multitask (or just kick back) while brewing and have alerts inform you of when you're needed again.

For the ultimate Connect brewing experience, sync with the Connect App! (Available Here for Apple OR Available Here for Android)
Connect Control Box Features:
  • Control remotely with bluetooth connection to your mobile device
  • PID algorithm works in conjunction with a triac for more stable heating and so you can control power output
  • Programmable step mashing
  • Delayed Heating - wake up to waiting strike water and get brewing!
  • Easily switch between celsius  and fahrenheit
  • Waterproof graphic display
  • Adaptable mounting system allows it to be used with any current GrainFather
  • Can be used with app or manually on the system
App Features:
  • GrainFather Grain Kit recipes provided in app
  • Import Beer XML files
  • Set your own boil temperature (for different altitudes)
  • Change between celsius and fahrenheit easily
  • GrainFather calculators provided in app


The Grainfather is an all inclusive all grain brewing system. The system allows you to mash at high extract efficiency by utilizing a pump for easy recirculating of the wort through the mashing process. The grain bed is then easy raised out of the kettle to provide for sparging and draining of the grains. Your mash tun then becomes an electric boil kettle.

The mash temperature and boil are all controlled precisely with an electric heating element. The system comes with a digital temperature controller so you can adjust temperature of your mash with in a degree. This allows for step mashing.

The included pump allows for easy recirculating of your wort during the mash as well as allows for quick cooling at the end of the boil by allowing you to pump through the included counterflow chiller.

This whole 8 gallon system is extremely compact so it makes for easy indoor or outdoor brewing.

Another added feature is the brewing system can also double as a reflux or pot still. All you need to do is attach the appropriate reflux or pot still top.

5 Stars
Outstanding Brew System!
I couldn't be happier with my purchase! I've brewed two batches and can't believe how much time and energy I saved during the brew day. I love the bluetooth connection to my phone that will give me reminders. The results were outstanding all around!!
Reviewed by:  on 1/7/2018
5 Stars
Amazing step up from BIAB
I use to do tons of 1 Gallon BIAB batches but finally decided to take a step up to something that would allow me to do larger batches while maintaining temps. After a ton of research and watching a ton of YouTube Videos I settled on the Grainfather for the best bang for the buck. I have already brewed 10 batches in this beast. It allows for up to 6 gallons and as I am a bit of a mad scientist I brew 6 gallons and cut them into a 5 gallon batch with my primary yeast and a 1 gallon with a yeast I want to compare. This beast came in 3 large boxes and was packed so well I think a UPS or FedEx driver could have jumped on it without damaging it. I was actually shocked at how many and how large the boxes were. I must say it is easy to setup and easy to clean the majority of the equipment although somethings are a little harder to get to but the quality is the main reason I got it. So far a ladder has fallen on it (big dent which I pushed out) and another small dent (not sure how) but had I bought one of the more recent knock offs I'd probably had been up the creek without a paddle. This thing takes a little rough handling (pets and kids) and keeps rocking. The main reason I wanted a unit like this was to control my mashing temps better which at first I thought the temps were a little off but after buying a few thermometers and running some more tests I found that my lab thermometer was the issue not the GF. If you have the money and want to buy a quality single vessel brewing unit this is it! I would also buy a cheap 7 to 10 inch tablet if you don't already have one as I have to leave my current 7" tablet plugged in as the bluetooth seems to eat up the battery but it is nice to put the GF outside and get things started but manage it and get notifications sitting inside in the A/C. Extremely happy with my purchase.
Reviewed by:  on 8/13/2017

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