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The Stirstarter Yeast Stir Plate 5L
Shown with optional Flask

The Stirstarter Yeast Stir Plate 5L

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The Stirstarter Yeast Stir Plate 5L

Looking for a gadget that will improve your beer? Use The Stirstarter!!

Introducing "Stirstarter 5L", the stir plate large and strong enough to stir a 5L starter!  It has a larger 8" x 6" base, ball bearing drive motor and drive magnets with 15 lbs. of pull force. A low voltage (110V), plug-in wall transformer provides power to the unit. . A Teflon coated 1" x 5/16" stir bar is included

 (2" stir bars are too long for this device, while we have had success using the 2" bar, it will be "thrown" from the magnet when the motor is at high speeds.)
A "keeper" magnet is also supplied to lock the stir bar in place while the
yeast is pitched, so the stir bar won't end up in your fermenter!

*Erlenmeyer flask sold Separately

Shipped with a packing pad to avoid damage. Please remove lid to remove pad. Replace lid when pad has been removed.

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