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The Trub Trapper
The Trub Trapper

The Trub Trapper

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The Trub Trapper

An alternative to traditional false bottoms, The Trub Trapper filters out all your unwanted pelletized hops and cold break. Constructed of passivated stainless steel, the body of the Trub Trapper is lined with food grade silicone rings which can withstand temperatures up to 600ยบ F and will keep the Trub Trapper in place inside your kettle. By including a whirlpool step (recirculating your wort into either your kettle or a whirlpool vessel to spin all break material to the bottom center of the vessel) post boil, the Trub Trapper will filter out all unwanted materials in your wort, removing any potential off flavors. This is sized for 10 & 15 gallon kettles.

Instruction for Use:
-Insert in kettle before boiling
-Run Whirlpool after boil for ~ 10 mins.
-Let rest for 10 - 15 mins.
-Draw liquid from kettle using spigot/ball valve**
-Clean - backflush with hot or warm water until visibly clean, then clean in place or soak with a cleaning solution

**While draining wort, keep an eye on liquid level. When liquid gets to top of Trub Trapper, slow the flow of liquid so that the level inside of the Trub Trapper is equal to the level on the the outside.

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