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Thermosight Weld-B-Gone

Thermosight Weld-B-Gone

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Thermosight Weld-B-Gone

Drill a 3/8" hole through kettle wall, oversize the hole slightly if necessary

Insert nipple through the hole in kettle, place o-ring and washer against kettle wall

Screw T fitting onto nipple and tighten against kettle while holding coupling inside with pliers.  Tighten until snug, aligning Tee into a vertical position.

Place 1/2" OD polycarbonate sight tubing (not included) into compression fitting at the top of the Tee and mark desired height.  While holding the tubing, mark the kettle near the top for placement of the eyebolt.

Remove sight tubing (not included) and cut to desired length.  Drill 1/4" hole in kettle and install eyebolt.  Slip sight tubing (not included) up through eyebolt and then into compression fitting on Tee, and tighten.

If Thermosight is to be used as a sight glass alone, install plug in the end of the Tee.  If using as a thermometer fitting also, install small compression fitting into the Tee.

Slip thermometer (not included) through outside of brass fitting and through small washer and o-rings.  Omit small washer if stem is larger than 3/16".

Thread thermometer stem (not included) through nipple and hand tighten fitting

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