Top 10 Beer Recipes To Brew For St. Patricks Day

These 10 Beers are great to brew and drink anytime, but these 10 recipes are perfect for St. Patricks Day. These recipe kits are great to drink or brew on the Feast of St. Patrick.

1. Irish Hills Red Ale is a Michigan classic recipe. Slightly sweet, lightly hopped, Irish Red Ales are a crowd-pleaser. Well rounded, balanced flavors, with a pleasant toasted malt character. Finishes clean and slightly dry. The original gravity of this Red ale is 1.053 and finishes with a final gravity of 1.014. The color of the Irish Hills Red is a dark red/mahogany. This beer is not too high in alcohol at 5.20%, and his a pleasant 20 IBU. This recipe kit uses Crystal 120 to achieve it's color and contains Kent Goldings hops. A perfect recipe for all levels of brewing experience.

2. St. Paddy's Irish Stout is an Irish Stout for St Patrick's Day. St. Paddy's Irish Stout is a dry stout with plenty of roasts, a hint of chocolate, and a dash of coffee kiln malt. Hops lean towards bitterness with a dry roast finish.  The original gravity of this Stout is 1.044 and finishes with a final gravity of 1.012. The color of the St. Paddy's Irish Stout is silky black. You will get about 4.2% ABV from this recipe, carries 24 IBU. This recipe kit uses Carafe II, Chocolate and Coffee Kiln specialty grains to achieve it's color and contains Bullion hops. 

3. Genius Stout is our American take on a dry Irish Stout. Little more body and a little less bitterness make for a nice stout. Keg it and dispense with nitrogen for an even more authentic pour!  The original gravity of this Guinness Clone is 1.046 and finishes with a final gravity of 1.012. The color of the Guinness Clone is midnight black. This beer is very easy to drink with an ABV of 4.3%, with 22 IBUs from Willamette hops.  A perfect recipe for all levels of brewing experience.

4. Gooder Than Guinness Stout is a very simple, low gravity Dry Stout and an all-time favorite of mine. With a low  4.3% ABV, you'll find it hard to have just one. I highly recommend using an Irish ale yeast with this one but you can find great results using the S-04 dry yeast as well. This beer is great served as is. Put it on a nitro system, and it rocks!

5. Irish Barista Stout is a  beer that has a wonderful mouthfeel and smoothness from Oats. The beer has a subtle nuttiness from the Marris Otter and the specialty grains give a great balance of chocolate and coffee flavor. The bittering hops at 36 IBU's help to balance the beer making it incredibly refreshing and yet still maintaining that great Stout mouthfeel.

6. AIH Irish Red Ale is a bit sweet, with a lightly hopped tea-like flavor, and an even dextrinous body.  Our AIH Irish Red Ales are easy to please. Look for well-rounded and balanced flavors and a pleasant toasted malt character in many examples. A drying finish is common.  The ABV is only 5.10% so it is easy to enjoy.  The color of the AIH Irish Red is a wonderful Mahogany Red, looks as good as it tastes.

7. The Irish Setter Irish Red Ale is one of the most distinctive of sporting brews.  It is a deep mahogany red and is a classic example of a true Irish Red. Malty upfront, with a light toffee/caramel character through the middle.  Slightly dry finish. A flavorful session beer. Dry yeast is optional, but the original recipe calls for Wyeast or White Labs. 

8.  Nutty Irishman Stout is an AIH longtime favorite.  It has Irish cream and Hazelnut extract flavorings in secondary to help to round out the flavor and aroma. It is a smooth, easy-drinking Sweet Stout with a finished ABV of 5.3%.  The Northern Brewer Hops hold the anticipated IBUs to around 19.  This beer is great to share and fun to make.

9. Smithwick's Clone is our take on the Smithwick's Red Ale. It is a blend of mild hops, Munich and Amber malts. Like the castle at the heart of the Kilkenny home, Smithwick's has stood the test of time throughout Irish history, and earned its rightful place as Ireland's most loved ale. Try our clone and you will be swept away.

10.  St. Chuck's Porter is our big and bold Robust Porter. This is our #1 selling porter and is sure to impress your brewing buddies with its balanced taste and hefty grain bill full of specialty grains.  Includes Crystal 60L, Chocolate Barley, Flaked Barley, Roasted Barley, Biscuit and Special B.  An ABV of 5.9% is perfect for sharing.  Look deep into the Dark Brown almost Black color and you will be a believer in St. Chuck.