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Top Shelf Dry Vermouth

Top Shelf Dry Vermouth

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Top Shelf Dry Vermouth

This 50ml container of Dry Vermouth flavoring is everything you need to create your own Italian style vermouth at home.  Simply mix the flavoring with a neutral spirit or wine (not included) and you'll have a Top Shelf Dry Vermouth! 
Vermouth is a versatile fortified wine. Typically, it is used as an ingredient in cocktails, but it can also be enjoyed as an aperitif or used as an alternative to white wine in cooking.

Instructions: Add this bottle to 450 ml of 40% ABV Vodka or distilled spirits and 625 ml of water. Stir. 
Add this bottle to 150 ml of 40% ABV Vodka or distilled spirits and 925 ml of dry white wine. Stir.

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