1. Top Shelf Honey Spiced Whiskey Flavoring
Top Shelf Honey Spiced Whiskey Flavoring
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Top Shelf Honey Spiced Whiskey Flavoring

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Top Shelf Honey Spiced Whiskey Liqueur Flavoring by Still Spirits

Made from a mixture of double cream and single malt scotch whiskey. This wonderful combination provides a seductively smooth and creamy taste followed by the subtle taste of chocolate, coconut and single malt. You can use this scotch heather flavoring to make a liquor that can be drunk on its own with ice, however it is also perfect for making cocktails. Making Still Spirits liqueurs is as simple as mixing your flavor matched Liqueur Base Pack with alcohol, water and your liqueur essence. Still Spirits offers a full range of liqueurs in the style of the world’s most famous liqueurs. They are not exact copies, but if you like the original you will undoubtedly like our offering. Each liqueur varies with thickness and sweetness and is flavor matched to one of three Liqueur Base Packs. Liqueur Base B is recommended for best taste with Top Shelf Honey Spiced Whiskey Flavor. Use this pack in place of liquid glucose and sugar when mixing Top Shelf liqueurs.