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Top Shelf Orange Truffle Irish Cream

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Top Shelf Orange Truffle Irish Cream
While supplies last, these are at best sold by date or recently past the best sold by dates. They still have 6 months shelf life according to the manufacturer. Now is your chance to get them at a really good price, get them while supplies last!

Whiskey based cream liqueur with a notes of orange and chocolate. A perfect after dinner drink or to get a boozey start in your morning coffee.
Still Spirits has bottled the very essence of some of the world's best spirits for you to replicate and enjoy at home. The 'Top Shelf' range of essences is beautifully presented in 50ml bottles that are labelled individually to indicate the commercial spirit they emulate.

There is a complete range of spirit essences to fill your liquor cabinet. Each essence bottle will flavor three standard size 750ml bottles.

While distilling in the USA is illegal you can buy cheap vodka and filter it through a carbon filter (it makes a big difference) and simply mix in your choice of Still Spirits essence and enjoy!

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