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Top Shelf White Rum

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Product Description:

Top Shelf White Rum essence by Still Spirits. Caribbean style White Rum makes the perfect base for long cocktails. Top Shelf Schnapps Liqueur essences all make 1.125 liters (38 ounces) of spirit. You will also need Vodka (40% alcohol) and Schnapps Liqueur Base to make these spirits. Making these Schnapps liqueurs is now easier than ever. Step 1: Mix 250 ML (1 cup) of boiling water with the Schnapps base. Step 2: Add 650 ML of Vodka and stir! Step 3:Add 50 ML Still Spirits Schnapps Liqueur and stir. Step 4:Top up with cool water to the 1.125 L Level (4.75 cups)

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