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Turbo Clear Fining Agent
Turbo Clear Fining Agent

Turbo Clear Fining Agent

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Still Spirits Turbo Clear Fining Agent:

Still Spirits Turbo Clear Fining Agent Transforms your alcohol quality! Turbo Clear should always be used to clear the wash before distillation. Within 24 hours over 95% of the yeast cells, solids and other unwanted compounds are removed from the wash. If yeast cells are not removed they will break open during boiling, releasing off-flavours and aromas into the distillation process and reducing distillate quality. Likewise, absorbent materials such as powdered activated carbon and clays must also be removed from the wash before distillation, otherwise what they have absorbed will simply be released again during boiling. 24hr clearing comes with part A and B This is used to clear the base after the initial fermentation has taken place. Usually takes less than 24hrs to completely clear the base. Part A is added, stirring generally, then 1 hour later Part B is added and again gentle stirred in. It's then left until completely clear

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