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Two Weld 8 Gallon (32 qt) Stainless Steel Pot
8 Gallon Brew Pot with one welded fitting to directly attach OPTIONAL ball valve and an OPTIONAL thermometer

Two Weld 8 Gallon (32 qt) Stainless Steel Pot

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pot, 8 gallon, 8 gal



18 Gauge 8 gallon pot with two welded 1/2" female full coupling and lid.

Perfect for using a 1/2" ball valve on the outside and a bazooka screen on the inside. Optional ball valves are supplied with a 3/8'' barb

Use a probe thermometer (see options) on the other weld

Pot measures approximately 13 5/8" diameter x 13 3/8" depth with the spigot approximately 1.5" from the bottom to the center of the hole.

The pots are wonderful, the lids are a little cheap - Hey, we are boiling in them, who needs a stinkin lid anyhow?

As a side note - these are $79 pots - please do not expect a $259 Polarware. Some small dents or nicks are expected.

Learn about sealing National Pipe Thread (NPT) fittings
4 Stars
So far so good
Just what I needed for full 5 gal boils. Handle on lid could be improved.
Reviewed by:  on 12/27/2017
5 Stars
Excellent product
I do extract kits that require 45 to 60 minutes of steeping time. Product holds temperature really-almost set and forget. This has really increased my confidence to take on more advanced recipes.
Reviewed by:  on 9/25/2017
3 Stars
A steal for steel
Quick review points: Pro 1. Inexpensive for a SS pot 2. Large diameter really helped to increase the surface area when I cooled the wort 3. Welds seem to be well done Con 1. As others have said, the handle on the lid is difficult to grasp - I'll probably have to rig an extension of some sort 2. As many AIH liquid malt recipes call for an initial 2.5 gallon boil, the top female coupling (if you use it for a thermometer) is above the 2.5 gallon mark which renders the thermometer useless. I was quite disappointed with this actually and thankfully I had a spare digital thermometer. AIH Note: when utilizing an 8 gallon brew pot we recommend doing a full 5-6 gallon boil. That way you minimize (or eliminate) the amount of extra water to be added to the fermenter.
Reviewed by:  on 6/18/2017
5 Stars
Makes life so easy
It's a dream.
Reviewed by:  on 4/18/2017
4 Stars
The metal is a little thin and it warps when I use it on my electric range and rocks back and fort for a bit. I don't think it will be an issue when spring comes and I can brew in my garage. Great price for a pot this size with two welded ports.
Reviewed by:  on 1/21/2017
4 Stars
Pretty good product
For the price this pot will do what I require in my maple syrup operation. My only complaint is that the handle on top of the lid is so short and uncomfortable that is is hard to hold on to. It's further complicated when the pot and lid are hot and you need to use a glove or potholder to take the lid off the pot. Definite design flaw.
Reviewed by:  on 12/30/2016
5 Stars
Great value
I received mine and used it as my boil pot, adding a thermometer and valve. Everything performed as expected. I agree that the lid is not what you would hope but it does cover the pot. Only complaint with lid is the knob is too small and difficult to manage when hot. This is a great price and bang for the buck.
Reviewed by:  on 12/6/2016
5 Stars
Pot is as advertised
Arrived today have not used yet but was in excellent condition.
Reviewed by:  on 10/31/2016
5 Stars
It does what it is supposed to
Used this 5 times since purchase. No leaking welds, sits flat on propane cooker I purchased here also. The ball valve could have an integrated pipe nipple, but I'm struggling to find any fault with the product. I love it and will buy another one soon!
Reviewed by:  on 10/3/2016
5 Stars
Love it!
I've been making due with a smaller kettle for a long time, and I finally decided to invest in a bigger one. This one is great: it's perfect for a five-gallon batch; I love that the thermometer is so convenient; and getting the beer out of the kettle is so easy with the valve. I'm really happy with this purchase.
Reviewed by:  on 8/20/2016

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