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Ultra-Ferm Single 10mL Vial

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Ultra-Ferm Single 10mL Vial

Developed by White Labs, Ultra-Ferm is a concentrated liquid amyloglucosidase that will increase the attenuation in your brew, decrease saccharification times, and increase the yield of fermentable sugars in your batch. Ultra-Ferm allows for total hydrolysis of dextrins to fermentable glucose, from all types of starch, where traditional brewing methods permits only 75-80% hydrolysis of starches present in your grain bill. Ultra-Ferm is perfect for crafting Brut IPAs, the current craze in craft brewing.

Tips for Use:
- 1 Vial per 5 Gallons
- Add at beginning of mash-in
- Temperatures up to 185 F

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