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Upright Foil Spinner
Upright Foil Spinner

Upright Foil Spinner

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Item Number: 19-W650
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Upright Foil Spinner

Quickly and easily decorate your next batch of champagne bottles with this Upright Foil Spinner. Both faster and easier to use than horizontal spinners due to its vertical nature, the Upright Foil Spinner uses a simple hand lever to lower the spinner onto the bottle and moves back into position with a spring. The Spinner's height can be adjusted to fit bottles between 7" and 14". Aluminum, polylam, and tin capsules can be used with the spinner if they measure between 28-31 mm.

*PLEASE NOTE: This unit shops unwired, but prepped for a 110 v plug. Please reference this guide, Adding a Plug to European Equipment, for correct installation.

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