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Used Cornelius Gas Keg Post (19/32-18)

Used Cornelius Gas Keg Post (19/32-18)

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Cornelius Spartan & Super Champion
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Used Cornelius 19/32-18 Gas Post
Cornelius Spartan & Super Champion

Replacement gas post for ball lock kegs, may or may not come with poppet and o-ring.  If you prefer a New poppet valve and o-ring, please check the add on box below
(The post vary in size and some fit 6 or 12 point sockets. Also the post can fit 7/8" or 11/16" socket)

Thread Size: 19/32-18

These are for Ball Lock kegs and cannot be used on Pin lock kegs for converting them over to ball lock kegs because they are different thread size.

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